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* Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

We all know the lifeblood of any online business or opportunity is having a steady stream of qualified traffic to any offer or product we promote.
Simply put, without qualified traffic - you’re dead in the water!

No List? Now.. No Worries.

Not All Traffic is Equal.
If it were, then buying 1000 clicks to a page would rake in overnight millions for most people. But as you’ve probably seen (and experienced yourself), that’s just not the case.

See, if you want to get the best qualified traffic, you have to go to where the source is. You have to go where people are ALREADY looking for what you have to offer and just get that offer in front of them.

And one of the best places (if not the best in most cases) to do that is none other than Facebook.

And with what I’m about to put in your hands today, if you use it responsibly and not spammy-ish, Facebook could become your very own sweet traffic on demand honey pot.

But first, you have to get past the gatekeepers...

Facebook Now Boasts 1.3 BILLION PEOPLE Frequenting Their Site. And Inside FB There Are Leads And Cash Just Ripe For The Taking.

Can I Help You Get Your Share?

Can you imagine that 1/7th of the planet has access to Facebook?

That’s crazy right?

Now, how many of those people do you think you need in order to pocket a nice cool extra six figures this year?

Not many right? Well, there are a lot of people on Facebook just waiting to see what you’re offering, but you have to know how to Find them. Not just find them, Find the people who are already interested in your Niche.

Welcome to Facebook Groups

There are 1.3 BILLION Facebook groups in their ecosystem. 100's of groups to suit every niche you could ever think of. PLUS with FBLIVEPRO you have have the massive Algorithm advantage of going LIVE to these Groups.

We are the ONLY Product on the Market that lets you GO LIVE to ANY Group in Facebook, that you have permission to Post in. BOOM!!

It gets better!

Once you go live in a group, say with 10,000 members, Your LIVE Video pops up in each of those 10K people's TimeLines and they are given prerference to appear at the top of all those people TimeLines..


Each of those 10k People get a Notification that YOU, a friend of theirs in one of their groups has gone LIVE.

Using the video editing strategies we provide helps compell these people to 1. Notice your Video and 2. Interact with it. BOOM.

NOT ONLY do we post to Facebook Groups, you can select to Go LIVE to your Facebook Fan Pages.

Did you know the easiest way to Re-Invigorate a Dead Facebook Fan Page is to Go LIVE to it?

Using FBLivePro to Go LIVE to a FanPage will get seen by an AMAZING 20% of the amount of people who've liked your Page.. That's even better than some Paid promotions.. BOOM!!


Facebook TimeLine.

Going Live to your Facebook TimeLine with FBLivePro allows you to Pre Record a Video.
Edit it using the compelling video strategies provided, and elicit the most engagement
possible from your Friends on Facebook.

With FB Live PRO
You Can Go LIVE to:
Facebook Groups.
Facebook Fan Pages.
Facebook Timeline.


The Simple To Use Software That Helps Explode
Engagement, Leads, and Cash All On Demand!
(See tLive Engager In Action Below!)

See How easy it is to Operate the Software

FB LIVE PRO can help any struggling or even experienced online business owner
get the most out of every fan page they own while cutting the workload to shreds.

And with all of the advancements that Facebook is making with their
technology, it’s become easier than ever to profit with any Fanpage you own!

Are you an Existing Facebook Advertiser?

* Imagine creatings a stunning laser targeted "Custom Audience" before you even start your advertising Campaign?

* How much money will you save advertising directly to a laser targeted Custom Audience?

* Using FBLivePro, Going live to your Niche with an extremely compelling offer allows you to build a massive Custom Audience, the size of which is only limited to the number of groups you promote in first and how many people are in these groups. It's virtually Unlimited.

Don't believe me?

Take the most suitable $1 Trial, that we've set up for this campaign only.

Select your FbLivePro membership trial from the options below

[Windows 7 (and above) PC Software Only set to English language.]
Mac Users we supply links to an Awesome and inexpensive VPS

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